Are you the person looking for guidance on how to create own cryptocurrency step by step? This can be exciting for any crypto lover, but the question is how?

From where to start and how to proceed further? As there are many paths to follow to make your own digital coins.

But do not worry! In this article, we are going to discuss some methods on how to create your personal cryptocurrency.

Discuss Some Ways to create own cryptocurrency step by step

When preparing for making your own cryptocurrency, you have two options: either create coin or token.

Coin needs its own unique blockchain, while a token can be made on an already existing network.

So here are the some ways to create own cryptocurrency. These are the following :

  • Create your own blockchain and then its crypto.
  • Fork the already made blockchain (or change the source code).
  • Make use of existing system

1. Build your Own Blockchain system:

If you choose to go with the first option, then here is the steps you need to follow:

Opt for consenus mechanism:

A consensus mechanism is the system that governs whether or not a given transaction will be processed by the network.

For a transaction to be valid, it must be validated by all nodes. This is sometimes termed as the “concluding.” You will require a way to specify how the networks will accomplish this.

Bitcoin’s proof-of-work algorithm was the first confirmation method. Another prominent consensus approach is Proof-of-Stake. There are numerous others.

Choose the Blockchain network

A coin or token requires a host, and choosing the blockchain system in which the coin will operate is an important stage.

The selection will be defined by your level of technological knowledge, your amount of ease, and the scale of your work.

Make the nodes and any changes required

Nodes serve as the foundation for all distributed ledger technologies (DLTs), as well as blockchains.

As the developer of a cryptocurrency, you must decide how your nodes will operate. Do they really want a permissioned or a permissionless blockchain?

How would the technical specifications look? How would hosting be executed?

Check all your legalities regarding crypto

Prior to introducing a new currency, it is advisable to familiarize yourself with the rules and regulations governing securities transactions and similar subjects.

Considering the complexity of the matters and their frequent modifications, you may prefer to maintain the services of a professional with skills in the field to assist you with this procedure.

Mint your cryptocurrency

Either you generate a token or a coin, you will eventually have to mint the cryptocurrency. The precise procedure will vary according to your tokenomics.

For instance, fixed supply currencies are often created in a single trade via a smart contract. Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies are created progressively as fresh blocks of operations are confirmed by producers.

2. Change the code of existing blockchain network

You can choose to develop a new blockchain and native cryptocurrency by utilizing the source code of some other blockchain. Following this approach will almost certainly involve technical expertise, as you could choose to edit the code base to achieve your key objectives.

3. Usage of existing platform

The third and most straightforward alternative for people who are not experienced with coding is to create a new cryptocurrency or coin on an existing platform such as Ethereum.

Numerous new initiatives, for example, generate currencies on the Ethereum blockchain using the ERC-20 standard.


Here above we discussed some methods to create own cryptocurrency step by step. You can choose any method to make one for you.