Searching for the best platform to buy cryptocurrency? If you are interested in buying or selling cryptocurrencies, establishing an account with a trading platform is a good way to begin. And this blog inlcudes top 10 best Cryptocurrency Exchanges and platforms of 2022.

Crypto exchanges operate in the same way as digital brokerage firm systems, providing facilities for owning crypto assets and coins such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Dogecoin.

There are numerous methods and apps for making any investment decision. Our list contains cryptocurrency exchanges, websites, and online brokers, as well as liquid assets and payment systems that enable the purchase and sale of Digital currencies.

Those who are familiarized with more standard investing sites should keep in mind that cryptocurrency frequently comes with unique pricing structures, limited customer care choices, and a greater responsibility for the owner in protection.

List of Top 10 Best Cryptocurrency Exchanges and platforms for 2022

It is essential to consider a variety of variables when selecting a cryptocurrency exchange, including authorized assets, charges, forms of payment, and cybersecurity.

To assist you in finding the best cryptocurrency network, we took these elements into consideration when compiling our list of the best crypto exchanges.


Coinbase has been the most convenient and one of the best cryptocurrency trading platforms, mainly due to the fact that it allows for direct USD participation. On the website, you may now buy Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, and over 30 other coins and currencies. Additionally, you can receive interest on your USDT and token prizes by participating in various tasks. is a cryptocurrency exchange that is one of the quickest developing emerging in the industry. Although it is headquartered in Hong Kong, it provides extensive service to customers in the United States.

At the present, you can purchase over 90 tokens and coins globally, and 50 tokens and currencies in the United States. Additionally, they provide competitive interest rates on their cryptocurrency savings accounts.

The one significant disadvantage is that it is now only available as an app; there is really no windows pc platform.


Kraken is among the Best Cryptocurrency Exchanges and platforms, offering a diverse range of coins and assets for selling and investing. Additionally, they offer margin trading. Although, this is a legitimate marketplace, and it is not as user-friendly as most of the other sites on this list.

Kraken is just one of those platforms on this list that enables trading in DOGE and other, riskier, altcoins.


We chose Gemini as the most secure cryptocurrency exchange because it utilizes powerful security techniques, protects deposits from customers, and is SOC 2-certified.


Voyager is a well-known site for investing in cryptocurrencies because it was one of the oldest public exchanges. They are app-based and provide a commission-free market place.

Voyager accepts the majority of digital coins, has a strong community, and offers attractive interest rates on investments.

Additionally, if you create a Voyager profile, you can receive $25 in Bitcoin whenever you trade $100 in virtual currency.

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BlockFi is a crypto currency trading system that provides you to lend your cryptocurrency holdings and earn a return on them. Furthermore, rather than trading your coins and tokens, you could loan against them.

If you are simply trying to hold your assets, you can also simply allow them to grow in value.


Uphold provides a straightforward option for trading numerous assets – open a single account and exchange numerous items without returning to cash.

If you have ever dealt cryptocurrency, you are aware that many currencies and tokens only exchange in specific pairs, which means you are always returning to BTC or ETH. However, with Uphold, you can simply trade numerous assets.

Additionally, Uphold is one of very few platforms that permits for the transactions of XRP, DOGE, and other cryptocurrencies.

e Toro

eToro has been operating in the United Kingdom all through Europe for some time, but now they’re accepting traders from the United States.

They have a large selection of digital assets available for purchase and sale on their system, and even nicer, they offer a trial trading account so you may give it a try before investing real money.

eToro is also currently giving a $10 bonus for depositing and trading $100 in virtual currency. This deal is just accessible to residents of the United States.

Bitcoin IRA

Bitcoin IRA is somewhat unique in comparison to some other sites listed above. Unlike the majority of marketplaces and accounts, you are really trading currency and are thus subject to taxation on your profits

With that said, Bitcoin IRA merges the finest features of a wallet address and exchange with the benefits of an IRA. This means that any gains accumulated within the account are either tax-free or tax-deferred.


A fantastic site for investing in some cryptocurrencies such as Cardano or Neo. Although not quite as user-friendly as most of the other leading platforms on this list, they do offer among the most complete trading systems today.

They also provide a competent smartphone application, but it is not as simple to use as the desktop version, and it is the main disadvantage.


If you are new to crypto exchanges or trading, it is important to choose the appropriate platform for your particular requirements.

Whether you are looking for a big collection of virtual currencies to trade, the minimum available charges, or even the most newcomer user experience, there is an alternative for you.

Read carefully this “10 Best Cryptocurrency Exchanges and platforms” article for better guidance.